Our Parking Solutions

Our parking solutions cover all needs for any parking business and can be personalized to your specific requirements depending on what type of operations you are running. Below you find overview of our solutions.

Glops Parking Software

Glops parking software is the comprehensive parking solution for all our customers: whether you use shuttle bus in your operations, bigger bus or even if you do not have transport service at all (for example airport parking sites). 

In addition, if your company transports customers to the airport by bus, Glops fleet management solution is included.

Glops Fleet Management Solution

Our unique fleet management system is geared towards airport parking operators who use buses that seat less than 17 people. Glops fleet management software is specifically designed for airport parking operators taking into account the fast pace operating environment at airports. It has been tested in practice and the experience is great. Glops fleet management software helps both company owners and company staff and offers the following benefits:

  • With the help of the system, you can plan the right number of staff and transport equipment 24/7.
  • Customers can order transport by mobile and staff receives information in real-time.
  • You can control 100% of the transport through the system, even if there are several buses on the move. Everything works mobile!
  • The control panel is easy and convenient to use.
  • Using our fleet management system, we guarantee better customer satisfaction and based on its experience, customer comes back.
  • Our solution also works great is you offer Valet parking

You can find more information about Glops fleet management solution here

Glops Big Bus

Glops Big Bus is an additional tool specifically designed for airport operators who use Big bus to transport customer to/from airport.  Find out more about our Big Bus solution here


What is GLOPS?

You could say that the development of Glops solution started in 2014 when our parking operations began at Helsinki airport. Since the beginning, we have been constantly brainstorming testing how various software solutions can contribute towards parking processes and business performance.

We are not just a software house, but rather Glops was primarly designed for our own use and to have a system that is available 24/7. So in 2019, we decided to modernize our entire system and while doing so, develop a great solution that other parking companies could utilize as well. Now in Summer 2021 we can happily tell you that Glops development work is completed and sales have started!

Glops is a service that easily automates the entire parking process whether you use it on your desktop, tablet or mobile phone. That means you don’t have to be physically on site and you know all the time how your business is running. You can easily get an overview of all current and future reservations as well as all available parking spaces at any given time.

The solution organizes work tasks of your employees and you always have the right number of people as well as the right people carrying out productive work. You no longer need papers or forms, everything works through our system. Glops makes life easier, saves time and makes your business more effective.

With the help of Glops, we can guarantee you will get more bookings and incease satisfaction of both your employees and your customers. Welcome to GLOPS!