Glops Fleet Management

Below you will find a brief introduction to our fleet management solution. It is an additional software for parking operators that use a smaller bus (bus that seats less than 17 people) to transport customer to/from airport. 

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Making a booking

Customer makes a booking online and system sends an email reminder 24 hours before parking starts.

If necessary, the system can also send a text message.  Example: ”Welcome to our parking! Your parking starts at 12:00 and driving directions can be found using this link (Google map link) . When you approach the gate, we will identify your vehicle from the registration number and you can then proceed to the parking lot. Have a good trip t. Xx”

Customer arrives to parking – option 1

There are multiple ways to sign in customer when they arrive to the parking. There is no need for a gate or automated system but of course sign in also works if you have a gate in use.

Customer arrives to the parking area and drives to the info. If there is no staff present, customer logs in using a tablet at the info and sees the waiting time. This login information is automatically transmitted in real time to the driver and driver sees it in their own tablet located in the shuttle. Driver also sees all necessary information about the customer such as their name, number of people in the party, which product / service they have chosen. First available driver then takes customers aboard.

Customer arrives to parking – option 2

In this option, there is staff present at the info desk and member of the staff signs in customer manually.

Customer arrives to parking – option 3

In this option, there is already a shuttle bus waiting by the info desk and customers are ready to be boarded but have not checked in yet.

In this case, the driver can check in customers directly using a tablet inside the shuttle.

Arrival instructions to the customer

After customer has been signed in, they receive an SMS with instructions what to do when they return from the trip. All customers receive these return instructions no matter which log in option they have chosen.

In the instructions, you can also notify customer what to do if their return details change, for example you can give them a phone number or email address where potential changes can be informed.

Customer´s vehicle has been parked

Once the customer has been transported to the terminal or to the port, their status is automatically switched to ‘on holiday’ or similar. Their parking spot shows ‘occupied’ in the system based on the lenght of the parking and will be vacated automatically when the booking ends.

Ancillary services

If the customer has ordered ancillary services, staff will receive car keys from the customer. Note that it is possible to sell ancillary services even when customer has already arrived at the parking.

Ancillary services are performed when the customer is away no matter what they are: they can be for example key storage, car wash services or car maintenance.

Glops admin panel has a section where ancillary service providers (who can be third parties) can see all work that needs to be performed in real time. The system guides service providers completely independently and they can schedule their own work according to their timetable. When the work is completed, they just mark it as done in the system. System identifies who has done the work and when it was performed.

Everything works also on mobile. In this way, the ancillary services are always  implemented on time and the whole process is in real time. 

Customer returns from their trip

When customer returns from their trip, they order transportation by text message once they are ready to be transported.

Wait time message

This is a great feature. You can specify how many phones receive customer´s text message meaning staff can do other useful things while waiting for the customer and don´t have to be on constant alert.

Customers text message also arrives into the system and from the system, message is sent back to the customer regarding the waiting time. You can define message content and waiting times yourself. Anyone in the staff can send the return message from the system as all staff is able to see where any shuttle is located. 

The solution also takes into account customer´s luggage: those customers with only hand luggage will come out to the pickup place faster than those waiting for their luggage in terminal arrival area. This has an effect on how quickly customers order transportation or come to the pickup place.

Return message to the customer

Customer receives wait time message and can go to the pickup place when the shuttle is scheduled to arrive. This way, they don´t have to wait at the stop.

Best of all, your staff can drive to a pickup place and board the customer right away. No need for unnecessary expectations or phone calls, everything is handled by the system! If there are lots of customers waiting for pickup, more shuttle buses are needed and staff will be able to use the system to decided in which order customers need to be taken aboard. From the customers’ point of view, the whole service process is professionally managed and each customer is taken aboard in the right order.

If there are customers that can´t be taken aboard right away as the bus is full, they can be informed in the following way:
“We pick up customers in order they have arrived and the next bus arrives in xx min to the pickup place.” Next shuttle bus will then pick up remaining customers.

Glops helps you manage your transport process effortlessly, saves costs and improves your customer satisfaction!

Customer exiting from parking

After customer has been picked up and taken back to the parking area, the system finds the row number where the vehicle is parked (if customer does not remember this).

If customer has purchased key storage, car keys and car will be handed over to the customer by staff.

Also on the way back to the parking area, driver can see following info on their tablet: Unpaid services, row / location where vehicle is parked, which product customer has purchased, additional information, etc. It´s a great feature that smoothens operations and no additional paperwork is required to serve the customer in the best possible way.

Finally, when everything is in order, customer leaves parking area and the parking spot is vacated for the next customer.