Glops Airport Parking Software

Glops airport parking software is our main solution for any type or any size of parking operator. It is a solution all the way from booking system to customer satisfaction measurement and loyalty program. Our airport parking software is enough for parking operators whose customers park their vehicle themselves and walk to the terminal. However, if you use a shuttle bus or a big bus to transport customers to the terminal or to the port, Glops fleet management software (or Glops BigBus) is also included in our solution for free.

Please find a brief introduction to our airport parking software below. For more detailed information and a presentation, please consult our sales team at


As part of the Glops Business solution, we can implement a brand new modern website for you, for free. We would create this site 100% according to your brand guidelines.

Naturally, if you are happy and want to keep using your current website, we can easily integrate Glops into your existing system and web pages.


Inventory Control

Miracles can be performed through the Glops system! You can manage your inventory and storage locations and can edit them 24/7. You can also monitor your business inventory anywhere, on any device.

This is suitable for a parking operators that also provide additional services such as washing and maintenance services. Through the Glops system, you can easily add services and seasonally set prices according to the vehicle size.


Glops allows you to price your products / services dynamically based on seasonal demand which maximizes your revenue as you are able to receive highest possible price from each customer. You can even set prices up to two years in advance. It is also possible to price parking spaces and additional services according to the size of the car or the number of people.

Sell yearly plans, additional services, etc. Through a flexible pricing system, you are able to create additional income for yourself. Glops has a handy dashboard that tells you at any time what percentage of your parking space is reserved and what products / services customers have purchased.

Booking System

We offer a flexible and user-friendly booking system. It enables you to create fully customized products or services for your customers by using a web based admin panel. The number of parking garages or parking lots is unlimited. You could also have designated parking spots for different sized vehicles (eg. vans) and for electric cars.

Glops booking system is desigend so that customer is always offered the most appropriate parking product based on their needs (the number of customers, size of the vehicle etc.). The system enables upselling and cross-selling ancillary products and services. Lets say that customer has chosen “Basic” parking. In the second phase of the booking process, this customer can be offered an upgrade to a better (and more profitable) product. Furthermore, our booking process encourages customers to book in advance, which is already quite popular in many countries. But if your customers are not used to paying bookings in advance, we can help you to create a process that motivates them to do so. This way you will receive revenue right away creating additional buffer to your financials.

Keybox System

Even if your parking space is unoccupied, it will not prevent selling ancillary services. We have a partner that provides a secure keybox and management system. So if customers just wants to keep their car keys secured during their trip or want to choose some other ancillary services, it is easy to do so even with parking garages.

Arrival to Parking

Arrival to parking is automated as well. Customer receives a reminder by e-mail along with with booking confirmation and driving instructions usually one day before parking starts. It is possible to use automated SMS messages for example one hour before parking is due to begin. Message could be like this: “Your parking starts in one hour. Please find driving directions here (link). Your parking ends xx.xx 2021 If your return flight changes, send an SMS to + 35840xxxxxx.”

If your car park is unoccupied, the whole proccess can be automated using Glops. Customer books and pays in advance. They then drive to the car park where gate camera recognizes the customer and gate opens. There is a display that welcomes the customer and guides them to the correct parking spot. 

Ancillary Services

While the customer is away, ancillary services that they have ordered will be performed. For example, car wash staff informs that services have been completed using their own system.

Our solution controls car wash or any other services completely independently. In this way, ancillary services are implemented right on time and the work performed is transparent to everyone who needs to be informed. 

Leaving Parking

If customer’s trip is delayed, they can purchase additional parking time on the website. And then when customer leaves your parking premises, they drive up to the gate where the display welcomes them safe journey back home. After this, customer is automatically logged out of the system

The gate system interacts with Glops 24/7 and automatically signs customers in and out which means your inventory is always up-to-date.

Managing Ancillary Services

With Glops, you can add, set prices and manage ancillary services without any limit. You can set a price to any service based on the size of the vehicle or how many passengers are in the car.

For example, if you have a car wash service, you can offer a cheaper price for smaller cars and more expensive price for bigger cars. This way, when the price is always right, demand for ancillary services will increase and you will earn more revenue.

Transport System

Note: This applies to if you are using a shuttle bus or a bigger bus to transport customers to the terminal or to the port. If this is the case, then in addition to Glops Business, also Glops Shuttle or Glops BigBus will be implemented.

Glops offers two free transport systems depending on whether your transport takes place in a smaller bus (or or shuttle bus) which has under 17 seats, or in a bigger bus. For businesses operating a shuttle service, Glops Shuttle will be part of the package.

And if transport is by a larger bus, Glops BigBus transport system is the best option.

With either one, you will have a modern system that serves you and your customers 24/7.

Customer Management

Our solution includes a built-in customer relationship management (CRM) system. It is safe and fully compatible with GDPR. All customer information can be managed through the control panel which shows all information for each customer as well as all past and future bookings for them. Of course, customers themselves also have access to their own data and can edit it accordingly.

Part of customer management is booking confirmation emails and text messages. Our solution includes a built-in SMS service. You can have the system send automated emails and text messages before the customer arrives to your parking in order to welcome them and perhaps provide driving directions or other information. 

Customer Satisfaction

Glops also has a built-in customer feedback tool which enables feedback to be posted on your website. Naturally, if customer´s feedback is not appropriate or is offensive, you can hide it.

Feedback results will be shown to other customers describing how well your business is rated and how satisfied your customers are. In addition to general feedback on your services, you can also have your customers rate your staff on how good their services have been.

We’ve been using customer satisfaction surveys for years and feedback has been great: Our own scopre is 4.9, in Facebook 4.8 (234 reviews and 9,700 fans) and in Google 4.5 (377 reviews).


Reporting in Glops allows you to track all bookings, inventory utilization rate and other important elements in your business. Each booking is automatically updated to each customer’s own profile. Hence, it is easy to find everything related to a specific customer at a glance.

You can also see inventory utilization rate instantly which helps you have the right number of employees working at any given time. Reporting tool can be used to create a variety of reports for each user.  This is a real tool for business planning and even accounting reporting. Everything can be found in the system, no matter if customer paid  online, upon arrival or if they were sent an invoice afterwards.

Other filtering options are for example by payment date or the duration of parking, which services have been purchased etc. All this is included in Glops Business for free! 


Marketing is a big part of business. Our solution supports customer management where we follow the GDPR rules. For example, you can use promotion codes on your website and use them for targeted marketing.

Customer addresses are collected automatically and efficiently. This allows you to create a loyalty program if you wish and send monthly newsletters and offers to your customers.

And lets not forget online advertising (Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.) Website has pre-installed sitemap.xml, robots.txt and H1 titles, as well as Google tag manager. This will make your site appear among th etop searches in Google listings. In addition to this, we can recommend to you other online advertising methods to support and grow your business.