Airport parking software

Glops is a cloud-based airport parking software and fleet management solution for airport parking operators globally. Whether you operate a parking garage or a parking lot or you have a shuttle service to the airport, with our airport parking solution you will maximize your revenue and take full control of your shuttle fleet.

Glops airport parking software – in brief

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What is it?

Glops is an end-to-end airport parking software for parking operators enabling them to have comprehensive control over the entire business. Glops has been developed by leading Finnish technology experts and is based on years of experience running a successful parking business.

With the help of Glops, you as a parking operator can focus on your core business and we will provide a solution for you that works seamlesly to improve all aspects of your parking business.

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Who is it for?

Glops can be used by airport car parks of all size and type. It can be used whether you have parking garages or outdoor areas.

It is also great solution for parking operators who use shuttle bus, or a bigger bus, to transport customers to the terminal or port.

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How does it work?

Glops airport parking solution is a cloud based software and can be integrated into your existing systems / web pages. Or as an alternative, we can build you a whole new website where our software is automatically integrated into the booking path.

We can guarantee that with Glops, you will improve your parking utilization rate and profitability. Our customized solution enables you to increase your parking business revenue and your margins, as well as significantly improve customer service and customer satisfaction.

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 Benefits of Glops

  • Glops has been developed by applying best practises based on years of experience running a successful parking business.
  • It improves your profit margins, saves your operating costs and increases your customer satisfaction.
  • Glops is easy to set-up, It´s operating environment is user friendly and everyone is able to use the software in their daily work.
  • Glops is simple to integrate into your existing processes and website. Or we can build you a new website with the software already build into it.
  • Our solution is build with security in mind. With cloud based service all data is backed up constantly. The solution is fully GDPR compatible and uses SSL encrypted data exchange method.
  • Glops has all the necessary elements required for your parking business. For example, it includes advance booking capability, dynamic pricing, customer friendly booking path, flexible payment methods and fully automated customer communication.
  • Glops can be further customized for your needs. For example, it is possible to integrate various payment solutions or SMS communication services into it.
  • Glops is incredibly flexible to use and saves your time. You can control the whole parking process anytime and anywhere you want. Our solution can be used on desktop, tablet or mobile phone. Hence, there is no need to constantly be physically present, instead you know all the time how your business is running.
  • With the help of Glops, you can organize your business better. Glops helps you plan your staff tasks and optimizes your personnel needs at any given time. No need for paper lists or forms anymore, everything can be run via our solution. Makes your life easier and saves you time and money.
  • Glops has 100% satisfaction guarantee. Using our solution will make your business grow, reduce your costs, as well as improve your work efficiency. All this will lead to a better customer satisfaction and greater profitability!

Features in brief

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Booking system

All bookings, both online and on-site, are automatically entered into the user-friendly booking system. Booking system gives you perfect overview of all reservations you have at any given time.

Booking system can be easily integrated into your web site. Your customers find it flexible and simple to use, and it enables you to upsell and cross-sell your parking products.

Transport system

Would you like to free yourself from all phone bookings and integrate everything into one, single system? With the help of Glops you know excatly when your customers arrive. And you know 24/7 how many cars and customers are either leaving or arriving to your parking facility.

You can see at a glance in what stage your customers are in  your own process and you can communicate with the customer without calling them: any time, from any device or location whatsoever, as long as you are connected to the Internet.  With the help of our transport system you are able to optimize your transport processes which saves you time and resources. Our parking soution can be used either with shuttle buses or big buses.

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Product management

Managing your different parking products or services has been made extremely easy with Glops. You can create your product management plan even up to 2 years into the future all at the same time! Our solution allows you to follow up on your business activities and make changes effortlessly.

You can price each of your parking products or ancillary products dynamically based on seasonal demand, vehicle size, number of customers etc. When you design you services, they are shown on your web pages in a customer friendly matter.

Customer management

Our solution enables sales to both private customers as well as business clients. Ancillary sales are supported no matter who your customer is. It is easy to see whether customer is new or if they have used your services several times before as you always have access to customer’s profile and their complete booking history.

We will help you create a process that supports pre-booking and pre-payment by customers. Customers are able to create their own account where they are always able to see their past and present bookings, and where they can easily make a new booking. Naturally, everything is fully GDPR complient.

You can also enhance communication to your loyal customers by including monthly newsletters with relevant information and offers to the customer. In addition, customer satisfaction surveys are part of the solution and their results can be published in real time on your web pages.

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New website

As mentined, we can integrate our solution easily into your existing system / web pages.

Other option is to use a template we have created and create brand new web pages with our solution included in the package, all according to your brand guidelines so that you are easily recognized by your loyal customers. In this case, we will also help you to perform technical search engine optimization on your pages so that your business will come up among the top searches.

No matter which approach you choose, the technical solution in itself is free. However, during the integration process when we are personalizing the solution for your needs, some costs may incur.  If this occurs, we will give you a proposal before going further. Our technical team is responsible for the implementation process and they work together with your IT experts.


When you choose our solution, reporting is automatically included in the package. Our solution enables you to make predictions on your sales and you can follow any time how your business develops and what is the capacity at your parking spaces.

This is a very important benefit in every-day business as you can optimize your transport fleet and your staff, which in the end saves costs and increases profit margins.

In addition, you get a free reporting tool that allows you to view your company’s financial performance, how ancillary services are performing and compare figures to previous periods, etc. All in one package.

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One of the key features in our service is the dynamic pricing of products. Whether you are bigger or smaller parking oparator, we can dynamically price your products / services using our solution.

You are able to adjust your parking rates on seasonal basis. For example, you can set slightly higher rates during peak seasons and lower rates for off-peak periods in order to close sales faster.  This will easily increase your parking area utilization rate and hence profits.

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Customer Communication

Sending messages and other communications to the customer is automated. When customer makes a booking, they are sent an email with a link where they find all necessary information in one place.

If your site has different language versions, all communication will take place automatically in the language in which the booking was made. This way the communication looks professional and customers are happy to receive services in their preferred language.

It is also possible to set up an automated text message service for example an hour before customer arrives. SMS can include driving instructions and other useful information. We will work with you to find the best solution for your specific communication needs. Main goal is to minimize customer phone inquiries and let automated system take care customer communication needs.

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Last but not the least feature of Glops is marketing consultation. We will help you choose right marketing tools and share openly all tips and information based on our years of experience how to market parking services succesfully.

We will guide you to the world of Google, Facebook, etc. Some of the marketing comes automatically through the website, e.g. newsletter subscriptions, how to get as many subscribers as possible (taking into account GDPR of course) and the benefits of having a loyalty program. By “gluing” a customer to your business, you will save a lot of money in the future when you can reduce your marketing budget and avoid wasting it on unproductive activities.

Questions & Answers

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Do you have business experience and are you a software company?

We have our own parking business which we have been running since 2014 with over 1000 parking spaces near Helsinki airport.  Our business model focuses on offering large variety of ancillary services to the customer as well as transporting customers to the terminal and back in a shuttle bus. From the beginning, we have had self-designed software to support our operations.

Also since the start, our customers have booked and paid for parking and ancillary services 90% of the time online.

Based on our experience with our business model, we developed Glops with leading Finnish technology experts and wish to share it with you.

Is Glops already in use?

Software has been tested and we are using it in our own operations. We are happy to say that both our customers and and our staff like it a lot.

This means you can focus on your core business and do not have to develop your own software and test everything yourself (which would be challenging, expensive and would take a lot of time) as we take care of these things on your behalf. Glops is a unique solution in the parking industry and you can´t find anything comparable anywhere else in the world with such an extensive and comprehensive features as Glops. We started marketing our solution in Summer 2021. We are certain that in one year’s time our solution will be in place in multiple locations and our customers’ business will grow.

What happens if there are issues with Glops?

No problem, the whole system is operated in cloud environment and we have our own support team who controls and monitors system functionality. You will not have any problems with the software and it does not cause extensive downtime.

Note however that we are not able to control everything in the system, e.g. integrated payment services for which a particular third party needs to monitor and is responsible for.

How much does Glops cost?

Set- up costs are 0€! This is our company´s proprietary software and you only pay license fee based on your sales.

And no worries, solution has been tested in practise and benefits outweight considerably license fees. This means that by using our solution, your additional revenue will be more than the license fees you pay. In short, you will make more profit, save time and improve customer satisfaction as we are your partner who will do everything for you.

Can we improve the solution?

Yes, we listen to our customers and all development ideas are tested. If your suggestion is approved, our project team will go ahead with it and once it has been implemented, we share that new feature with all our customers. Our main philosophy is that all good ideas should benefit all our customers, for free.

We have a parking garage and a system that works well so why should we purchase a new system?

Our system is an end-to-end solution and we can integrate your current system into it. We can discuss what sort of system you have right now and what kind of extra benefits our software can bring to you. Could we perhaps increase your utilization rate and your profits? And how could we boost your ancillary sales?

We have a process where we transport customers in a big bus to the airport. What benefits could we get?

Lets discuss together about your current system and business. We believe we can find new ways to work more efficiently and improve parking area´s utilization rate. Could for example dynamic pricing improve your profits? 

We have a process where we transport customers in a shuttle bus to the airport and back.

Our solution is a great tool to minimize unuseful driving and improve customer satisfaction. And what´s best, customers order transportation from you directly via the solution and you communicate with the customer with just one click.

For example, in our business, we only employ 1-3 cars (and people) at the same time, depending on demand. And we do not have separate customer service representatives as we handle customer service and communication through the system, but still in person.

Our customers have been satisfied. Our own
customer satisfaction rate is 4.9/5.0, Facebook feedback rate is 4.8 (out of 5.0) (234 reviews and 9,700 fans) and Google feedback rate is 4.5 (377 reviews).

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Do we need a new website?

Not if you don´t want to. We can integrate our solution into your existing system and web pages.

How long does it take for Glops to be up and running?

Normal delivery time is 4 months from the order.

Which languges does your solution support and in which language do you operate?

Our solution supports basically any language.

When it comes to operations, we currently operate and serve our customers in English and partly in Swedish. But as our operations grow and we find right people to join our team in French, German, Spanish and Italian speaking regions, we will also start serving customers in these languages.

How do we get customers to prepay online?

Glops will be tailored to your needs so that customer prefers to prepay parking.  We adopted prepay option in our own business straight from start and now 95% of our revenue comes from online bookings.

How do we create ancillary services?

It is very easy. We will help you to get starter and guide you all the way how it´s done.

What kind of pricing models can be used?

You can create for example a dynamic pricing process just like what airlines and hotels are using. This functionality is build into the system.

Dynamic pricing improves utilization rate and increases profits. What´s best about it, you can plan pricing for the whole year in one time and adjust it whenever you like.

How do I create various parking areas and resources?

It is easy. We will do it together and change them if needed. For example, you can create parking areas for electric cars etc.

There is a capacity calculator that always offers customer the right solution and correct price.

We have travel agencies selling parking on our behalf

No problem, we can solve this together and integrate incoming bookings directly into the system.

We partner with airlines and customers earn bonus when they park with us

We can build the bonus system into the solution and make everything automatic.

Contact us

For further information, and in order to receive a password for password protected pages, please leave your contact information and we will get back to you. 



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