Glops BigBus

Below you will find a brief introduction to Glops BigBus. It is an additional tool for parking operators that use a bigger bus (bus that seats more than 17 people) to transport customer to/from airport. 

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Making a booking

Customer makes a booking online and system sends an email reminder 24 hours before parking starts.

If necessary, the system can also send a text message.  It could be like this: ”Welcome to our parking! Your parking starts at 12:00 and our driving directions can be found using this link (Google map link) . When you approach the gate, we will identify your vehicle from the registration number and you can then proceed to the parking lot. Have a good trip t. Xx”

In addition to that, the message can recommend downloading an app to customers phone. Using this type of app, customer can make a booking, see their own booking information, can check-in, can order transportation both when arriving to the parking and when returning from their trip.

Customer arrives to parking

When customer arrives to the gate, system identifies the vehicle by its registration number. Gate opens and a screen displays a welcome message to the customer. Screen also shows when parking ends. Customer’s arrival is automatically registered by the system.

Then system sends a text message with return instructions and an app link
to an application where customer can take a picture using the app in order to remember where the car is located.

Transport to the terminal or port

Customer sees transport timetable (wait time) using the app or on the info screen. They can also use the app to order the bus.

Customer returns from his trip

Once customer has returned from their trip and are ready to be transported back to the parking lot, they can check waiting time in the app and also check if the bus is already approaching the pickup place. If the bus is not approaching yet, customer can order transportation through the app. The app sends a message to the driver and the bus starts moving.

App has a map where customer can see in real time the location of the bus and waiting time. System can detect in which terminal customer needs to be picked up. Bus driver acknowledges the message but does not have to send back a return message to the customer as everything is fully automated. 

If the customer arrives late, app or text message alerts customer that parking is soon ending. In this case, customer can purchase / pay for additional parking time through the app and, at the same time, update return flight arrival time as well as the flight number. This way available parking spots are always up-to-date.

Exiting parking

When customer is exiting parking, all ancillary services have been performed and customer receives their keys from the info or from a key box which works with authentication. In the app, customer can check the location of the car.

In gated parking, customer leaves the area and gate camera opens the gate based on the registration number. This will automatically log out the customer from the parking area.

Finally, Glops enables customer service rep to change parking times, sell ancillary services to the customer etc. You can always see from the system how much resources you need for transportation. How many customers arrive at certain times, how big are the parties arriving and whether there are during peak hours or off-peak hours.